Camp de la Haute Madeleine
Camp de la Haute Madeleine



Seigneurie de la Magdeleine
From 1679 to 1872, the seigneury passed through several hands without being developed. It includes the Madeleine River, which Count Frontenac granted to Antoine Caddée. The seigneury is half a league wide on each side of the river and two leagues long starting from the mouth at the Grand Sault waterfall.

Paper mill

The paper mill was built in the middle of the forest near the Grand Sault waterfall so that timber could be floated on the Madeleine River (part of the seigneury) from the base of the waterfall to the sea. This caused no end of complications for the company, the railroad, and its locomotives.


Take the opportunity to climb to the top of the lighthouse to admire the sea and mountains.

Salmon fishing

Salmon fishing enthusiasts consider the Madeleine River one of the most beautiful rivers in Quebec.


Traditionally a fishing station, the marina draws increasing numbers of pleasure boaters every year. For information, call 418-393-2436, ext. 2439, or visit