Camp de la Haute Madeleine
Camp de la Haute Madeleine



Camp de la Haute-Madeleine is fortunate to be located in an environment that is second to none. The river attracts all types of animals and allows plant life to flourish in an unspoiled wilderness that is still protected from the ravages of the city.

This ecosystem thrives amid the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, which have led to the formation of lakes such as Lac au Diable, itself a marvelous feat of nature whose crystal-clear turquoise waters transport you to a world of the wonderfully exotic.

We are committed to sharing this feast for the senses with all our vacationers.

Observation Faune et Flore

Take a hike, ride a mountain bike, or climb aboard a motorized vehicle to immerse yourself in the absolutely magnificent wilderness around the camp. Life’s hectic pace tends to make you forget how soothing nature can be!

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