Camp de la Haute Madeleine
Camp de la Haute Madeleine



Trout Fishing

Brook trout provide a wonderful fly fishing challenge for experienced anglers. But everyone can try their hand at this species, which abounds in the lakes around Camp de la Haute-Madeleine.

Wild brook trout

The indigenous wild brook trout is a real fighter, both in the rivers and lakes. Its texture and taste is quite different from that of stocked trout.

Rainbow trout

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The Madeleine River and Lac au Diable

Wild brook trout can be fished in the Madeleine River and Lac au Diable, where Camp de la Haute-Madeleine is strategically located.

Lac au Diable measures about 3 km, which means the trout are able to grow to a good size. The crystal-clear turquoise water, picturesque landscape, and unique biosphere make this lake an unparalleled haven of peace.

Other lakes

Other trout fishing lakes around Camp de la Haute-Madeleine:
  • Lac Foin
  • Lac Jimmy
  • Lac Touladi
  • Lac Croche
  • Lake Trèfle

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